Animation | The Adventures of Nkoza & Nankya, Help Vote for us to Win a Mocap Suit

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Please help VOTE for the Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya TV Series to Win a Perception Neuron Motion Capture Suit and $5000 Dollars, this will go a long way to help us complete the promotional episode and create even more stories featuring Ugandan Folklore tales, Languages and songs.

To Vote, visit the link below and click on the heart at the top, it will turn red to indicate you have voted, you can vote each day for the until the contest ends on July 15th ~ ~ see the reference screen capture




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    Awesome good luck with this inspired & cute project. Looks very intriguing if I was a youngster I would be glued. Oh the stories you could tell, Uganda alone is a treasure trove and the things they could learn about ffene, gonja, jambula, matugunda all this fun stuff we enjoyed for free & are fast losing! So how do we vote really? Visited site & got a bit lost.
    We love your work.

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