Royal Events | The Kabaka To Host The Buganda Diaspora Day Event On 28th Dec 2016 At Lubiri, Mengo

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Press Release — The Buganda Diaspora Day 2016 organized by the Buganda Government will be held on 28th December 2016 at 3pm in Lubiri Mengo. This year’s organizing committee Chairman is the Buganda Government Minister of Health, Ow’ekitiibwa Dr. Ben Kiwanuka Mukwaya and will be deputized by Ow’ekitiibwa Bwenvu, Buganda Government Minister of State for Buganda External Affairs.

To enable the organizing committee to present a befitting and honorable event, adopted a paid for event with afew distinguished invites. Each adult will be charged US$50. A family of two with one minor (a child under 17 years old) will be charged US$100. Addition children, age between 12-17 each will be charged US$25. The Diaspora subjects are encouraged to bring your relatives.

The Buganda Diaspora Day organizing committee further informed all Buganda Diasporas who plan to attend this year’s event that it would like to identify a youngster/youth (8-17 years) raised in the Diaspora and who can recite or read a simple Luganda poem. The poem will be composed and written by the Luganda Association. Secondly, the organizing committee wishes to identify a youngster/youth, raised in the diaspora, who can share his/her experience (including challenges) of growing up in the diaspora.

This may be presented in English. Anyone (including families) traveling to Buganda for this year’s Christmas holidays who plans to attend the Buganda Diaspora Day event and wishes to propose the identified/capable youngster/youth is requested to please contact any of the Kabaka’s Representatives.

Long live Ssaabasajja Kabaka!

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