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‘The world is ending tomorrow’ is a 3-hour long feature movie based on real life occurrence that happened in Uganda at the turn of the century. It is a dramatization of events and activities that characterized a doomsday cult known as ‘The Movement for the restoration of the ten commandments of God’, which killed close to 1,000 followers.

The story revolves around Credonia. The country woman who claimed to have seen The Blessed virgin Mary in apparitions during which she was directed to spread the message of strict adherence to ten commandments to avoid the apocalypse damnation. She manages to convince and recruits 3 top catholic priests and a devout lay Catholic Church elder. The core group recruits close to 1,000 followers who sell their properties and bring money to the cult leaders and prepare for the end of the World. During the 12 years the cult was operational, many followers died under mysterious circumstance before the events climaxed into a mass murder in an inferno on 16th March 2000.


The movie opens with a distressed young man after watching a television news report about the inferno that had devoured the cult members in the countryside at the headquarters of the Movement for the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God. He is distressed because his cousin (Deus) had joined the group. He makes a telephone call to his brother back home, 400 kms away to find out about Deus’ fate. He is told that Deus had managed to escape from the cult a few minutes before the church went up in flames and arrived home critically ill.

The movie adopts a flashback mode in which Deus narrates story chronicling the events and activities, which are vividly dramatized. From the time Cledonia was selling local brew, the transformation following the alleged apparitions, the manipulation of the followers, the murders, the Catholic Church’s attempts to intervene, before the story climaxes into the fire that burnt the followers who had been herded into a church with nailed windows and doors. The movie depicts the vulnerability of ignorant country populace, which can be easily exploited by dogmatism, the fear of unknown and greed in pursuit of salvation leading to not only tragedies but also economic and social bankruptcy.

Director’s biography
Bart Kakooza is a Ugandan television journalist who has produced and directed many documentaries on a wide range of topics that have featured on major television channels. Starting his career in the late 1980s as a reporter at the Ugandan state owned television channel, Kakooza went on to work with various television production companies in Europe and US on projects that featured on BBC, CNN, Irish and Polish television channels and Aljazeera. In 1995 he founded Media Plus Ltd, a production company based in Kampala, which also doubles as an independent news footage provider. From 2001 to 2006 Kakooza worked with CNN as a producer for CNN Inside Africa program for the great lakes region.
‘The World is ending tomorrow’ is his first major feature film.

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