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By Expedito Olimi — It’s close to a fortnight that Uganda is filled with utterances against the action of presidential handshake which saw the government’s treasury lose Shs6 billion. The money in question was given as appreciation for the contribution of the 42 officials towards winning a tax dispute that was a protracted legal battle in different courts, including a Ugandan Tax Appeal Tribunal and a commercial court in London.

After a deep reflection on the animal farm story, I am derived to say that Uganda is in a comparable situation of a once united farm built on the seven commandments of animalism. Now, the seven commandments that defined animalism have been corrupted by the “pigs” as defined in the context of the Animal Farm book. Esteemed readers who have come across this universally respected book clearly know how Mr Napoleon changed the game of politics and inequalities escalated the daily miserable life at animal farm.

This story in whatever scenario but to a greater extent in an abused political environment finds its application inevitable. In a Ugandan context, the application of this script is beyond the scope of the wanainchi because the drama going on is past what even Hollywood stars can offer.

Everyday, a scandal crops-up and all that is done is to defend the thieves of the home. Corruption which is total theft has been coined sweet names as handshake to justify dignified theft. The Shs6 billion cash handshake as it is called was an unconstitutional offer and more over the parties engaged such as the Attorney General as an advocate for government and his team in their respective jurisdictions were obliged to defend the country in the case where the government was engaged with the multinational oil company.

They did this as a constitutional mandate of serving the country as vowed during the State oath taken by each of the implicated parties upon assumption of their official roles. The positive results of winning the case would have been well celebrated if the compensation made was put into the national treasury to support government budget.

Quite a number of Ugandans have made exceptional contributions to the State but such handshakes are never made, except the decoration with a medal if one is lucky and close to the awarding sources. Since this case emanates from the oil treasure, it is sorry to state that the oil curse as it was coined is at conception stage. However, this oil curse could well be avoided if proper government accountability and zero tolerance to corruption in all its forms is enforced in Uganda. For God and my country.

Expedito Olimi,
Centre for Life sciences

Source — Daily Monitor

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