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Dear friends,
By now you probably have heard of the amazing real-life story of Phiona Mutesi, the young girl from the slums of Katwe, Uganda, who attends chess club because of food and ultimately becomes chess champion attending the world chess olympiads…a book the Queen of Katwe is written…Disney buys the rights and produces a live-action movie that premiered fall of 2016..
What you may not know is that in real life Phiona & Benjamin have been offered and accepted full-tuition scholarships at NorthWest University – NWU in Kirkland, WA and plan to attend this fall 2017! They are eager to move forward with the next step in their journey as they both have HUGE dreams for making a great positive impact in this world. However, the reason I am writing this, is that they do not have the means to cover the necessary living expenses…
If you would like to learn more, or find it in your heart to help support or know someone who would be willing to help out, please simply go to the gofundme page that we’ve setup to read more of the story and ways you could help out. 
Go Fund Me – college fundraiser link for direct donations –
To learn more about the Robert Katende Initiatives visit —
Please do help spread the word!
Elliott Neff
Founder & CEO, Chess4Life

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