Sekako | A New App Created to Provide a One Stop Platform for Ugandan Comedy Content!

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What is Sekako? — Sekako is a new platform that seeks to spread a laugh through Ugandan comedy and movie content.

When — Any time is Sekako time, when your sad, depressed, waiting, bored you can always use this as an opportunity to Sekako. Sekako started this year in 2017

Where — You can get Sekako on the google play store, and soon on the apple playstore and the web.

Why — Sekako was created to provide a one stop for Ugandan comedy content and give Ugandan artists a means to earn from their digital content. Ugandan artists have a lot of content but lack a means or an avenue to distribute their content while being monetized.

Reasons why you need to download Sekako

     Support Ugandan arts and culture
     Get entertainment on the go at your convenience
     Get access to exclusive content

Who — Sekkako features reknown comedians and actors like the Ebonies, Anne Kansiime, Salvador, Pablo and other up coming talent.

Like Sekako and download app here —

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