Uganda Convention – Canada | Bernard Katende aka DJ Bernarzo To Feature a Silent Disco in Toronto

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Bernard Katende aka DJ Bernarzo is a crowd puller in many clubs and events in Maine and the US at-large, He will be a featured guest DJ at the Uganda Canadian Business Expo and Convention in Toronto. Among the featured highlights will be his new silent disco arrangement.A silent disco or silent Party is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. DJ Benazo will be joined by DJD from Washington D.C. on the wheels of steel on both boat cruise and gala dinner…

I was born to Bernard (RIP) and Ethleda Namutebi aka Jaja Maine in Kawempe. I attended Savio Junior School, Lubiri S.S and Light College Katikamu.

I was very naughty and talkative, which put me in trouble not only at school but also at home. I was very talkative in class and I loved music to the extent of sneaking out at night to go clubbing. Nevertheless, I was better than most children in my neighbourhood.

My father passed away in early 1986 when I was 12 years old. His death molded me into the man I am today. A year after his death, I switched from boarding to day school, riding a bicycle for 16 miles to and from Kawempe to Lubiri S.S.

Growing up without my father was tough. Nobody was bothered about my school performance or even knew who my teachers were. I was always the last person to pay fees. This was very disturbing because every time you saw a teacher walk into class with a list; you thought you were going to be called out as a fees defaulter.

Becoming a dancer
As a child, I really loved music, though I was not dancing competitively. It was while at Savio Junior School when I started dancing as a way of running away from football, which I was good at but hated the daily practice. During the holidays, I would go to Club Missouri in Maganjo. Those days, clubs were about dancing. It was then that I started believing that I could take on guys who were considered the best. I challenged them and got cheers from my peers. Soon I had become a serious competitive dancer.

There was an annual dancing competition at Club Missouri, which attracted a lot of good dancers from all over Kampala and I won it for several years. Some of the top prizes for the dancing competition winner included basins, lamps and walkman, with a little bit of cash. I started going to other clubs like Pope Paul, Club House Lubaga, Clouds, Pulsations, K.K Beach, Calendar Rest House with DJ Kalemba, DJ Bob and DJ Njuba among others. Soon, I teamed up with Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, to start singing and we formed The Ultimate 2, performing in schools and various shows.

Going to America
My brother, Michael Kamya, who was working with the World Bank, helped me move to America as a student. He helped me start school but I could not afford to pay the tuition. I got a job as a waiter on the Odyssey cruise. This was the hardest job I have ever done. I had no clue what the clients were ordering. One customer asked for a screwdriver, I went looking for the tool only to be told it’s a kind of drink.

I wanted to continue with music but I didn’t know any producers yet I had expectations to meet that needed money. I had to put music aside and continued with being a DJ to earn something.

I moved to Boston 10 years ago and played in Kampala Club. While there, a friend, Frank Bwogi got me a job to spin discs at a party in Maine. Since then, I have never looked back, I have played music in most Clubs in Maine, where I now co-own two Clubs, Babylon and Vybz. I have been able to unlock doors most people have problems unlocking. My advice to whoever wants to become a DJ is be humble. Do not do it to get girls. Listen to your audience and keep off booze, drugs and smoking. My slogan as a Dj is. “I am not a jukebox” .

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