News 24 | Zimbabwe’s political crisis deepens as the country awaits presidential vote results

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Zimbabwe is on edge as it awaits the results of its historic presidential election. Troops have opened fire on protesters, claiming the polls have been rigged, denting hopes of a new era following the ousting of Robert Mugabe.

The ruling party and the main opposition group both declared on Thursday they won Zimbabwe’s presidential election ahead of an imminent announcement of the official result, deepening a political crisis that was worsened by deadly rioting in the capital.

The death toll from street clashes Wednesday rose to six, with 14 injured, police said, and 18 people were arrested at the offices of the main opposition party amid tensions over a vote that was supposed to restore trust in Zimbabwe after decades of rule by Robert Mugabe.

There were conflicting accounts of who was responsible for the bloodshed in the capital of Harare, which followed opposition protests of alleged vote-rigging.

Police tried to disperse angry crowds with tear gas and water cannons, and then soldiers fired live rounds.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa says police have raided opposition headquarters in the capital and seized computers, while police say 18 people in the offices were arrested.

The developments come a few hours before Zimbabwe’s electoral commission is expected to start releasing the results of Monday’s presidential election.

Chamisa alleges that police were looking for what he called evidence of vote-rigging, but he says the evidence already had been moved to a “safe house”.

Both the opposition and ruling party have claimed victory in the presidential race, the first since the fall of longtime leader Robert Mugabe. – AP

Source — News 24

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