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Dominion Church International (DCI) – Toronto is a diverse community church founded in 2004 by Ugandan Canadians.Over the years, the church has hosted thousands of newcomers and carried out several community activities aimed at improving the overall wellbeing of the individual as a wholistic approach, addressing all social, spiritual and physical needs. As a host/landing base many newcomers professionals, the church has produced lawyers, doctors and sports mentors including the first Canadian to coach the Canadian Under-13 Futsal team to world cup victory.

The problem
Over the years, our diverse community has experienced increased membership and transitional members. This has significantly challenged the capacity of current community-based organizations such as Dominion Church International to provide timely services especially with the pressure related to housing/shelter, family hardships, settlement services, lack of infrastructure (communal meeting space), and high prevalence of mental illness/addictions.

There are approximately 5,000 people in Toronto who are homeless, with nearly 3,200 people on the waitlist for supportive housing. The homeless are often victims of violence, suffer from poor health and nutrition and a higher incidence of suicide (Source: Many people we encounter in our ministry work, have been or know an individual at-risk of homelessness and mental illness.

Together, One Brick at A Time we can eliminate or at least reduce the problem. With the time-tested solid experience and integrity displayed by DCI leadership for the past thirteen years, we strongly believe that with your full support/partnership, we will deliver this project to its intended community beneficiaries – So help us all God!

A Call to Action
We call upon individuals, all levels of government, private organizations to partner with us in raising funds to build the first of its kind multipurpose community center for all! Together, we are going to construct; 50-bed Youth Shelter; Recreational Facility – 250 people capacity, Child Care Facility, Counseling Hub (family, individual, mental health, immigration services and psycho-spiritual care), Multi-faith Place of Worship and Community Internet Radio.

Click here  For details about the project and how to partner with us. Email: Or Mrs. Becky Tey: +14163335843. Choose to be part of a project that will change lives!  A project that will outlive you and me!

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    Eddie Jjumba

    I choose to be part of this project ! A project that will impact the lives of many👌🙏


    Quite a Good project, also Help donate for treatment, meals, accommodation, medical investigations for cancer patients in Uganda at,

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