UK Based | Tendo Serukenya Kimuli | T.S.K – Perfect Love (Official Music Video)

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Introducing T.S.K! Tendo Serukenya Kimuli is a musician from South London who strives to bring about inspiration and joy through his music that is embodied in rhythm and soul.

Outside of music he runs a podcast called #RootedAndEstablished in which he has conversations with people who are pursuing their goals and leaving behind memorable legacies. Through his music and pursuits with #RootedAndEstablished, he holds a passion for helping others become the best version of themselves and make the most out of the gifts and opportunities that God has blessed them with.

Tendo Serukenya Kimuli is born of UK based Ugandan parents Paul and Grace Serunkenya, Paul was part of the original Limit X group that rocked the 90s with urban gospel music – Enjoy TSK’s latest music video – Perfect love!

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