Dr. Maggie Kigozi | Diaspora Homecoming 2020 Edition – Patron’s Speech

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My role today is to welcome Ugandans from all over the world and those watching at home – Thank you for joining us. This is a difficult time for our country facing the competitive multiparty elections and the global pandemic Covid 19 at the same time.

We are holding  this event to stress the confidence we have in our country Uganda. My beautiful country is not an individual, is not a party and most surely it is not about a disease. Ronnie Mayanja and I have refused to give up taking the Annual Diaspora Business Breakfast and Homecoming Social Networking Gala we have been running for now 10 years to our Online audiences under the theme ‘A Virtual Diaspora Homecoming Event 2020’.

We promise you we will be back next year too. Uganda will still be here and our Ugandans will still be in the diaspora seeking true information about their home. You depend on social media and we know what you get is often fake or skewed to the writers interests.  As Ugandans we are also here to listen to the challenges the diaspora face in Uganda. Over the years we have caused many issues you face like the dual citizenship saga, money transfers etc to be addressed by our government. Let us remember government is not only political. Our  hard working civil servants like the brilliant health professionals now fighting Covid 19, the Justice, Civil Society standing tall for our human rights and Private Sector creating jobs and paying the taxes needed to sustain this economy.

At this event we get the opportunity to know the challenges you face in your adopted countries so our Ministry of foreign affairs can help with their counterparts mitigate these like the recent repatriation of nationals stuck overseas during the Pandemic. Our key note address today will be given by our new American Ambassador to Uganda – Amb. Nathalie Brown. Today we have arranged for you to listen to her and raise questions in the chat room which she can respond to. Our own Ambassador Mull Katende and the Uganda Foreign Affairs Diaspora desk will speak to you and listen to you too.

The Annual Business Breakfast has focused on the opportunities in Uganda and how Ugandans in the diaspora can tap into them in the past so these are incorporated here today with our partner Uganda Investment Authority and different players in the business sector. You will hear from the fabulous East African Idols Ezekiel and  Esther representing our normally massive Annual Social Networking Gala. This year we have not been able to recognize Ugandans who have excelled in the diaspora but will do so again next year.

Your contribution to Uganda through remittances of 1.4bn $  in 2019 is appreciated. You support education, health and family consumption. A number of you have invested in Agriculture, Tourism, construction, ICT etc.  I just want to confirm as a returnee that you can do business here. My partners and I have grown our Pepsi Franchise Crown Beverages Ltd to winning the PEPSICO Award for Bottler of the Year 2018 and URA’s taxpayer of the year 2018. This is an American Franchise Amb Brown. I am a farmer too and encourage you who have land in this country to utilise it. Uganda will feed the world. Be a part of this opportunity as we have the land, climate, water and hard working, educated population.

Enjoy this event and support the initiatives to keep your families safe against covid19 and continue the economic growth of Uganda as we create more jobs and encourage entrepreneurship for our young population and better services to our people.

Thank you.
Dr Maggie Kigozi
Uganda Diaspora Network

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