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A home is a lifelong dream for every individual. As a matter of fact, we save up for a lifetime to finally buy a dream house that we have worked hard to pay for. Home ownership is considered a self-actualization point among a lot of people—a time when finally the immense and constant financial burden of paying rent for a house is put behind us. With it comes the
safe knowledge that you and your family are secure and that you have made a sound investment safeguarding your collective future.

If you are a young couple, this might just be the right time to start saving up for your home before you start your family. For those of you who have kids, the first priority will always be owning a home. For those who are nearing retirement, your own home is something which remains on your bucket list.

Yet, do not let this task loom before you and fill you with anxiety. Owning a home does not necessarily mean buying yourself land and building a home for yourself. Infact, the wisest thing to do is taking a look at the range of newly constructed homes in Kampala, Uganda and finding one that perfectly fits the needs of your family and caters to your lifestyle. Buying a built apartment is not just time saving but also affordable and you can move right in – also apartment living is no longer synonymous with a cramped existence. Rather, today’s luxury apartments in Kampala are an icon in luxury living.

The range of real estate ventures cropping up in Kampala are so varied that there is something which will win your heart and fall within your budget. Furthermore, when a project is constructed by veteran professional architects, engineers and builders, the range of facilities are even better than you could have imagined. Even though home ownership is a personal journey for each one of us and everyone has to surmount their own obstacles to reach for their unique dreams, yet here are a few things to
ask yourself when you think about investing in a home:

  1. How many years have you been saving up for a home?
  2. Are you a first time home buyer?
  3. How much is your budget for overhead costs?
  4. What stage of life are you in?
    However, the most important aspect to consider is the real estate developer you are planning
    to put your trust in. You need to find someone who not just has a solid market reputation and
    is a veteran in the business but is aware of proper procedures and tips to guide you through
    the process of purchasing your dream property.
    Once you have made a pick, here a few other things to do:
     Pay a visit to the property physically.
     Peruse the floor plans and architectural drawings.
     Double check the authenticity of the property papers in the relevant land offices.
     Discuss all price related and payment details with the builders.
     Check up on the neighborhood to get some extra information from the neighbors and
    local authorities.
     Have your lawyer go through your paperwork and make sure you understand the
    terms clearly.

Fakhruddin Properties is the largest & most trusted apartment developer with a 100% delivery track record in the UAE and Uganda. Kampala-Africa’s garden city is the most popular metropolis for families to consider when considering buying a home because the housing market is positioned for growth. The city promises robust economic growth, a lowering inflation graph, a huge rental market and good yields. 

Log onto to view our range of appealing home ownership ventures. Book a site visit or consult with our team and we will help make your dream home become a tangible reality.

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