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COVID-19 is presenting Uganda with immense challenges. The MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit plays a key role in the national response to COVID-19. We are urgently fundraising to provide Entebbe Hospital with equipment. DONATION TAB —!/DonationDetails

This includes:

  • 100 beds and accessories for the new isolation Unit
  • 30 oxygen cylinders
  • An oxygen filling plant to increase capacity of and resilience of oxygen supply
  • Critical equipment, consumables and services so we can continue operating at full capacity

Please help save lives in Uganda by giving to our COVID-19 Response Fund today.

Shaping pandemic response

Our new Centre for Pandemic Preparedness and Response is driving transformative global epidemic responses, influencing national and international practices and leading high-impact research.

LSHTM’s team of global experts includes the largest group of epidemiologists in Europe, who examine the incidence, distribution and control of infectious diseases. Our behavioural scientists inform how we, and other institutions, work with local communities. We have experts delivering health initiatives in humanitarian crisis settings, and laboratory researchers who study diseases on a biological level, including their diagnosis and transmission.

We work closely with long-standing international partners, with key projects led by the LSHTM-MRC Units in The Gambia and Uganda.

New COVID-19 mutations are threatening the world. Our teams in London and Africa are running genome sequencing to identify new variants of COVID-19 as they emerge.

It is vital to build public trust and confidence in COVID-19 vaccinations.

Our Vaccine Confidence Group has over a decade of experience investigating vaccine communications and confidence. Mapping sentiments and emotions towards disease risk as well as willingness to comply with health interventions will be crucial to anticipate the support needed for post-pandemic recovery.

The Group are now using an EU wide survey and ongoing social media analysis, in multiple languages, to produce a real-time understanding of both the current and evolving sentiments around COVID-19, helping to inform much needed policies and programmes. We will use the findings to test COVID-19 vaccine messaging for communication strategies tailored to specific settings and language groups across Europe.

Over the past year, our alumni and friends have given so generously, by either donating their time or by donating to the LSHTM COVID-19 response. As many countries around the globe continue to bear the scars of this pandemic, your help and support is needed more than ever – please consider making a gift today.

Source — London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

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