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SAVING LIVES IN UGANDA TOGETHER. Give the gift of breathing by sending Oxygen machines for COVID-19 patients

Right now, oxygen is in short supply at Uganda’s hospitals, causing unnecessary deaths. The COVID-19 Task Force and the Uganda Medical Association have stated that oxygen concentrators are urgently needed to save lives. Oxygen machines have been reserved in New York, and are to be delivered to Toronto for shipment to Uganda via Ethiopian Airlines by Thursday, August 26th, 2021. Join the COVID-19 Support Network to make this happen! Together we can.

A total of $40,000 in contributions and pledges have been received, and the hope is for at least $35,000 more to be received in order to reach the new goal of $75,000. This will procure about 100 oxygen machines with accessories and power converters at discounted prices. How much can you contribute? Charitable receipts can be issued if needed, and major donations will be recognized here and by the health officials in Uganda. Please support generously.

The team mobilizing this effort wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada to ensure vaccines and PPEs are provided to Uganda directly or through the COVAX system. A response has been received, copying the Minister of International Development! However, what is needed urgently are the Oxygen Concentrators as requested by the Ugandan health officials. Hear from them in the event video:

In the past few weeks, 16 medical doctors in Uganda have died of COVID-19; the leading university in the country lost three heads of department; ICU capacity reached limits; 16% of students in one school contracted the disease; and one family lost all three family members. The situation is bad, yet epidemiologists expect a 3rd wave! Please donate generously as these machines will save lives both now and later. Share this widely among your contacts.

Updates and an accountability report will be provided as this COVID-19 Support Network has members with great track records, including those who have worked with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Red Cross and others. Participants include the Transformation Institute, Maama Watali Foundation, Uganda Diaspora Network and others. The media will publish, broadcast and document the shipment as well as delivery in Canada, Uganda and internationally.

Contribute generously to save lives. Time is of the essence.
Let us demonstrate our common humanity today.

Good afternoon,

As we proceed with the goal of wrapping up the Uganda COVID-19 Oxygen Relief initiative, the following is the timeline that needs to be followed carefully based on the recent discussions:


1. The best realistic date to ship the things from Toronto to Entebbe is Thursday, September 9th, 2021.

2. The date for the items to be delivered from New York to Toronto would be Tuesday, September 7th.

3. The required date for payment to be made to the supplier in full for the items to be picked up from New York and brought to Toronto is Friday, September 3rd.

4. The final deadline on which cheques can be received and deposited in order to have up to 5 business days to clear before payment to the supplier can be made, unless it is a wire transfer is Friday, September 27th.

5. The points above imply that our fundraising deadline for those who wish to support the effort is Friday, August 27th and that is what should appear in ‘final push’ promotional materials going out now.

6. Funds from the Go Fund Me accounts need to have been cashed out and deposited into the Maama Watali account to be combined with all other received and cleared contributions by Friday, August 27th.

7. Cheques from various sources and deposited into the Transformation Institute account would have cleared by August 27th and ready to be paid to the supplier so the medical equipment can be received for shipment.

8. Delivery of the Oxygen Concentrators to specific hospitals in Uganda to be confirmed as planned, with pictures of the delivery received and media stories all done by Monday, September 27th, 2021.    


Jimmy Sebulime’s cheque is ready. I am planning to get the 5k from Surjit Babra hopefully later today. I am also looking into availing the Transformation Institute’s 5k as well. The contribution from Susan Namulindwa of Maama Watali is 5k and the amount will soon be confirmed to be in the account. 

The total amount in the GoFundMe account will be deposited in the Maama Watali account by Friday, August 27th. A request for the funds to be released will be communicated to them by Wednesday, August 25th. These dates are important as payments take up to five business days to process at each point. 

Ethiopian Airlines now flies direct from Toronto to Africa three days a week now. That is Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Departure on Thursday, September 9th means arrival in Entebbe on Friday, September 10th. Our representatives, government officials and the media will receive the items.

Let us reach out to our network to secure the remaining $35k or as much as possible, to hopefully reach the desired minimum target of 100 machines. The timelines must be kept regardless of the amount raised. A brief message with the appropriate materials will soon be provided for easy and efficient dissemination.

Your feedback or contributions to the plan would be much appreciated. 

Warm regards.

President & CEO

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